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Dr. John D Scala

Dr. John Scala

After completing a biomedical engineering degree at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Scala realized that the most complex engineering system was the the human body and mind. He decided to pursue a life in medicine.  He attended the University of Illinois in Chicago for both medical school and residency.  Initially, the scientific and analytical elements of medicine were the focus, as with most professions.  As the years went on, over tens of thousands of patient visits, he realized that the human side of medicine -- the compassion, the empathy, the understanding -- was really what people needed. Dr. Scala has the ability to integrate a strong analytical process with the human experience of 80,000+ individual patient encounters. 

Being board-certified in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, Dr. Scala treats all age groups as a continuum, a coherent whole of their person. He is interested in many details of each patients' life, both medical and non-medical.  This helps him understand each person individually, so that treatments and health guidelines can be tailored specifically. In this era of big data and endlessly available information, the old-fashioned approach of a strong doctor-patient relationship adds much value to each patient's well-being. 

Dr. Scala has twin daughters who attend local public schools.  His wife is a pediatrician, originally from Japan, who works part-time at Rocky Mountain Youth Clinic, which provides services to medically under-served children. The newest family member is Yuka, a Samoyed dog with a lot of energy. 

Dr. Scala trains in martial arts, and has earned a black belt in Shaolin kenpo.  He is an avid reader of history, and especially medical history.  He enjoys cooking, subscribes to several cooking magazines, and owns many ethnic and American cookbooks.

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